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Mortgages - First Time Buyer


  • 95% Mortgages available
  • FREE initial mortgage advice consultation to discuss your individual requirements
  • Evening and weekend meetings in the comfort of your own home or place of work
  • Access to large mortgage lenders not available locally like Coventry, Leeds, Virgin Money and Skipton
  • Declined by credit score on the high street? Mortgage lenders available who use a human to make a decision rather than “computer says no

Buying your first home can be very exciting and may be one of the most important purchases you ever make. It’s therefore natural to have lots of questions for your mortgage broker, especially about your mortgage.

You may think that owning your own home will come hand in hand with red tape, solicitors, banks and large sums of money, not to mention a bewildering choice of mortgages and mortgage lenders.

Personal Touch Mortgages can provide tailored mortgage advice for your individual requirements. Speak to one of our mortgage advisors today.

Choosing a mortgage is probably the biggest financial decision you will make.

However with thousands of mortgages to choose from it can seem like an impossible maze to find your way through.

That’s where we can help. We can find a mortgage product to suit your own individual requirements.

  • Mortgage lenders who only deal through mortgage brokers like ourselves such as Aldermore and Kensington available
  • Exclusive discount on conveyancing costs negotiated with local firms Bridge McFarland & Beetenson & Gibbon on your behalf!
  • Do you have bad credit? Specialist mortgage lenders such as MBS Lending, Platform and Cheshire could help


The Overall Cost for comparison for adverse credit mortgages is 5.2% APR. Actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please ask for a personalised illustration. Rate correct as at 8/9/15.



"Alan helped us to get our mortgage agreed and never gave up on getting us the best deal after lenders were changing their criteria just as the credit crunch hit. We were impressed with the lenders he had access to and all the different options were fully explained and we decided on a fixed mortgage to ensure we knew what our monthly payments would be.

His service was fast, efficient and he was always in contact. "
- David Uddgren (see more reviews here)



Your step by step guide to getting on the ladder

Buying your first home is an exciting – but a daunting task. In this simple step-by-step guide we’ll break down every stage, so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do.


1. Set out your budget

Before you start searching for the perfect place, it’s important you know what size mortgage you can afford. Use our mortgage calculator to see how much you could borrow. Contact your local mortgage broker for advice.


2. Check out your mortgage options

There are a number of mortgage and repayment options available for first time buyers. I can obtain a Mortgage Certificate (also known as agreement/decision in principle) showing what the lender is prepared to lend you subject to some checks such as affordability. This is useful when dealing with estate agents and sellers because it shows you are a serious purchaser.


3. Make an offer

You’ve found the place that’s right for you, and it’s in your price range. You then make an offer to purchase. Formal offers are normally made in writing by a solicitor acting on your behalf, so you will need to appoint one before, or as soon as, you find a house you would like to buy.


4. Appoint a solicitor

If you don’t already have a solicitor, we can help you find one. We have secured exclusive discounts of 10% with local solicitors Bridge McFarland and Beetenson & Gibbon.


5. Your offer is accepted

If your offer has been accepted, the home you want to buy is said to be 'sold subject to contract'. You may be asked to pay a small deposit as a gesture of good faith, but at this stage the agreement is not legally binding.


6. Sort out your mortgage, protection and insurance

Once your offer to buy has been accepted, I can make sure your mortgage, protection and insurance applications are completed.


7. Get a property survey and valuation

The mortgage lender will require a basic Valuation for Mortgage Purposes. You may want to have a more detailed Home Buyer survey or a full structural survey carried out for your own peace of mind – especially if the property is old or needs some work.


8. Exchange contracts

When your solicitor has completed all the necessary checks, you'll be asked to sign a contract legally committing you to the purchase.

At this stage you'll also pay a deposit and agree a completion date. The deposit is usually a minimum of 5% of your property's purchase price. On average, you will have between two and four weeks before you can move in, so this is a good time to tell friends and colleagues, arrange insurance, contact the local authority, and make arrangements with utility companies. And don’t forget, you’ll need buildings insurance in place from the date of exchange of contracts.


9. Paying the loan cheque

Your solicitor will get the loan cheque or telegraphic transfer ready to pay the seller.

At this point you may be required to pay your solicitor for their work and for extra expenses like Stamp Duty and the Land Registry Fee .


10. Completion

Congratulations, it’s the day you move into your new home.

Your solicitor will complete the purchase, then you can collect the keys and move in.
















We will help you with your solicitor, estate agent, surveyor, lender…….in short, we will be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY




We normally charge a fee for mortgage advice. The amount will depend on your circumstances. A typical fee would be £99 payable upon application and further £300 payable only on completion of mortgage.


Some of the products/services shown above are not or may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.






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